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Name: Lapeyreite
IMA Chemistry: Cu3O[AsO3(OH)]2·H2O
Chemistry Elements: The mineral Lapeyreite contains elements:
Copper (Cu)
Oxygen (O)
Arsenic (As)
Hydrogen (H)
Country of Type Locality: France
Year First Published: 2003
IMA Status: Approved
Status Notes: Sarp H, Cerný R, Babalik H, Hatipoglu M, Mari G (2010) Lapeyreite, Cu_3_O[AsO_3_(OH)]_2_·0.75H_2_O, a new mineral: Its description and crystal structure, American Mineralogist 95, 171-176
Structural Group Name:  
Fleischer's Group Name:  
Crystal Systems: monoclinic
Oldest Known Age: 251 Million Years Ago
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