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Dynamic Earth Collection is a California company operating out of Santa Rosa, CA as an online mineral museum and shop. We accept all major credit cards including Mastercard, VISA and AMEX, and invoicing and payment forms including Paypal and Venmo. All parcels are packed and shipped with care and will be sent USPS ground or UPS ground unless otherwise arranged. You may see charges appear on your credit card statement as either "Dynamic Earth Collection" or "Ryan Cooper".

Services & Commerce

We offer a broad array of services and sales options for collectors of rocks and fine minerals:
  • Sales: We sell products online and through select mineral and gem shows and other events.
  • Appraisal: We offer collection appraisal services. Give us a call or send photos of your collection for a free quote.
  • Cataloguing & Identification: We offer collection cataloguing and identification services. If you need your collection to be organized, need to ID specimens, want or collection cards printed we can help.
  • Collection Building & Brokering: We can find minerals for you! Send us the specifications and price range and we can reach out to our supply chain to find exceptional specimens for you.
  • Consignment: We offer commission-based consignment services to sell your fine minerals through our sales channels.
  • Exhibition Loans: If you have school, museum, or other educational institution or event where you would like to feature a display of our rare minerals, we offer loan exhibition services.
  • Consulting: We offer consulting services to mineral dealers and curators. If you need help organizing an exhibition, let us know.
  • Technology Development: We offer web development services and would be pleased to offer your mineral business or museum a powerful e-commerce enabled, mobile friendly, marketing driven web site with integration with paypal, zettle POS, and other leading data, sales and processing platforms.
Contact us today to learn more about our service portfolio.

Ryan J. Cooper D.B.A. Dynamic Earth Collection
CA Sellers Permit #232072640-0001
Santa Rosa Business Tax Certificate #06529676
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